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New York City is the most populated city in the country, with approximately 8.5 million people living in a 300 square mile area. With this kind of population, it’s understandable why roadways are congested daily and accidents occur frequently.

Intersections cause many accidents because both vehicles and pedestrians are trying to cross the street. When you’re involved in a crash at an intersection in New York City, you have the right to recover your fair monetary share.

New York is a no-fault insurance state, so navigating the claims process can sometimes be complex. Even so, an experienced New York City car accident lawyer says, “no-fault insurance has never stopped me from getting my clients the settlement they deserve after a severe crash.”

Types of NYC Intersection Accidents

There are many ways intersection accidents can occur:

  • Cars are often speeding and do not slow down in time at a stoplight, leading to rear-end collisions or pedestrian accidents. 
  • Cars don’t yield while turning. 
  • Drivers who are distracted behind the wheel or drive under the influence may also pass through red lights and cause head-on or T-Bone collisions. 

New York’s No-Fault Insurance Law

It’s frustrating when a driver injures you at an intersection because they are negligent and yet New York’s no-fault insurance law prevents you from filing a personal injury lawsuit. All drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and passengers must file a bodily injury claim with their own insurance to receive coverage for damages they’ve suffered. This no-fault coverage extends to $50,000 worth of damages.

Unfortunately, when filing a no-fault claim, you’ll only be able to recover compensation for economic damages such as medical expenses, property damages, and lost wages. Non-economic damages such as pain and suffering aren’t included in no-fault insurance claims. 

When You May Still Be Able to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Sometimes, you’ll still be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit in New York if you’re injured in a car accident. If you experienced a serious injury, such as dismemberment or serious disfigurement, or your damages exceed $50,000, then you can sue the liable party for the rest of your damages.

New York’s no-fault insurance law makes it easier for injured crash victims to receive compensation without having to prove fault and go through a complex lawsuit. In New York City, accidents happen every day and if the no-fault law was removed, the courts may be overloaded with cases. Thankfully, the law still leaves some flexibility for injured victims who truly deserve and need a fair monetary share.