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If you need to take time off of work after suffering from work-related hearing loss, you may be able to obtain workers compensation benefits while you’re unable to earn a living. Hearing loss is one of the many different conditions that claimants find themselves struggling to get approved.

This is because insurance companies will do whatever they can to reduce the amount they’ll be required to pay you, including denying the claims of even the most deserving of claimants. Read on to learn more about qualifying for workers compensation in Iowa and appealing your claim once it’s been denied.

Qualifying for Workers Compensation Benefits

To be approved for workers comp benefits in Iowa, you’ll need to prove that your hearing loss was directly caused by your work environment. For instance, if you work in a factory or in the construction industry and are frequently exposed to extremely loud noises, you should qualify for workers comp benefits.

Once your claim has been approved, you can expect to begin collecting up to 80% of your spendable weekly earnings if you are completely unable to work while you recover. This is referred to as your weekly disability benefits.

As part of your workers compensation benefits, you’ll also have your medical expenses as they relate to your injury covered by the insurance company, receive education and vocational training if you will be unable to return to work in your industry, and a reimbursement for the miles you travel to and from your doctor’s appointments.

How to Appeal Your Denied Claim

Often, your attorney can work with the insurance company to get your claim approved if there are minor problems such as an error in the filing of your paperwork or if the insurance company needs additional medical documentation of your hearing loss. There are cases, however, where the insurer remains rigid in their decision to deny your claim.

When your claim is initially denied, and you can expect it to be, you will need to file a Contested Case Petition where your case will be reviewed by an impartial board. If the decision is made to uphold your denial, we can proceed to court where an administrative law Judge will hear your case.

Speak with a Qualified Iowa Workers Comp Lawyer

Hearing loss is no laughing matter and should be taken seriously. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of by your employer and their workers compensation insurance company. File an Iowa workman’s comp claim as soon as possible so that you can begin collecting the benefits that you are rightfully entitled to. Your lawyer will work rigorously to get your claim approved as quickly as possible so that your family doesn’t end up in financial ruin due to the lack of income.