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Orange County, California, has a current population of more than 3 million, and ranks sixth on the list of most populous U.S. counties. In fact, the county has more people than 21 U.S. states combined. When looking at traffic accident statistics from Orange County, it helps to remember that the four largest cities in the county are, in order, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, and Huntington Beach. The majority of traffic deaths and accidents tend to be clustered in those four regions.

Orange County car crash statistics are mathematically important because they are representative of many large U.S. counties, provide a wealth of data about how people in urban areas drive, and can be instructive when searching for an Orange County car wreck attorney.

How Car Crash Data is Classified

In Orange County, as is the case in hundreds of other U.S. jurisdictions, traffic accident and crash data is compiled in many different ways. Typically, a general classification system for this kind of data incorporates two major areas of information: the number of fatalities/injuries, and the number of collisions. Utilizing this system of statistical analysis for Orange County car crash statistics enables the researcher or citizen to evaluate how dangerous driving conditions are in the area.

Most data tables from official sources, like the county and state, show not only the number of collisions and deaths/injuries, but also break down the data according to cause and then rank each category in comparison to other cities/counties in the state.

For example, in Orange County, a standard “collision/injury” chart will list the exact number of collisions and deaths/injuries in the county for a given time period. Then, within each category will be listed the ranking of that area compared to other areas (in this case, counties) within the state of California.

So, when the line item, for example, notes that within the “pedestrians injured/killed” category for the county, the number was 938, and the ranking was 44 out of 58, we can interpret the data easily. It means that in OC, California, for the year 2015 (the time period on the chart), there were 938 pedestrian deaths or injuries that year. The ranking means that OC ranked 44 out of the 58 California counties in this category. Ranking number one in a category means that a county was the “worst” among all the state’s counties.

Injuries and Collisions

For 2015, Orange County ranked as the 11th worst county in California for the overall category called “victims killed and injured,” with 21,451 such victims total. The three sub-categories that supplied the most victims were “motorcycles,” “bicyclists,” and “alcohol involved.”

In the general category called “fatal and injury collisions,” the county ranked as the seventh worst out of 58 counties in the entire state. By far, the biggest part of the total number was “speed related” crashes, while “nighttime,” and “hit and run” came in second and third in the category, respectively.

It is interesting to note that almost 10 percent of all the victims killed or injured in Orange County car crash statistics for 2015 were in accidents that involved alcohol.

Those searching for an Orange County car wreck lawyer or wanting to learn more about Orange County car crash statistics should turn to official county resources because they are not only the most accurate, but contain the most impartial data collected from numerous data points around the county.